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MG MGA - oil cannister filter seal set

I'm looking for a pair of seals for an 1800 engine oil filter cannister/spin on filter adapter. The adapter attaches below the original cannister base. My problem is with either the spin on adapter-to-cannister base or the cannister base seal. The Moss seals are reasonably enough priced, but shipping is about 5x the cost of the seals. Anyone have any aftermarket suggestions for sealing this attachment? What about just cutting one out of gasket cork? Would this be thick enough?

I've read the archive posts about the attachment nut thickness causing certain filters to jam, and am pretty sure this is not my problem. It looks like I have a seal until pressure builds after about 15-20 seconds...then there is a moderately slow but steady oil drip.

Any thoughts?

rpb bunch

You should make sure you do not have an old hardened seal in the block between the adapter and the block. If the old one is not fully removed it will leak even with a new seal. The old ring in mine was so hardened it was difficult to tell it from cast iron. Had to take a sharp pick and dig it out piece by piece.
Jeff Schultz

Yeah...good thought. I saw your earlier post, too. What did you use for a replacement seal?
rpb bunch

First make sure the old one is out.

I just fitted a Moss spin on adapter. It wouldn't get tight enough at first. It turned out to be the bolt that screws into the engine - it seemed it was too long. After measuring it turned out that the bolt wasn't threading all the way into the engine. I ran a tap up through the threads to clean them out and then the bolt threaded easily all the way in until it bottomed out, and the filter then fit snugly.

AJ Mail

I still use the original canister type filter not a spin on adapter. Don't think there is any readily available substitute for the gasket. Easiest thing to do would be go to NAPA and get a filter for about $6.50 which will come with the gaskets. You could give the filter to someone still using the canister. Can't figure how to post a direct link to it, but go to and search for "FIL 1300". Might not have it in stock, but should be able to get it quickly. Most of the other chain auto stores should list a filter for it also.

Jeff Schultz

Just to emphasise Jeff's point about the old hardened seal, I left one in during the rebuild 12 years ago, thinking it was the metal base. I place a new seal on top. 40 miles into my first journey in the car the new seal blew out and I lost the entire sump contents in about a minute. The underside of the car was covered with oil, as was the road.

Steve Gyles

Just put the car into storage for the winter...I will remove the adapter, scrape the old seal out, and find an appropriately sized o-ring in the spring. There are a couple of other 'to do' things on the list as well. I'll let you know what I find to match when it's back in my possession.


rpb bunch

I've got an extra one of the proper seals that I'd be willing to send to you if you want it. Just PM me with your mailing address and I'll stick it into an envelope and send it on it's way.

Cheers - Dennis
D L Rainey

Rick, I bought a bottom gasket set for my MGA from Moss and there were a few extras (and missing), but there are two packets, each containing what appears to be a seal ring for the block, a smaller felt ring and a copper washer. the big seal is 5/32 deep x 1//8 wide x about 3.1" OD. The OD I measured by circ/pi as it will not stay still! Probably 3-1/8.
I do not need this.
Does this look OK? If so it is yours, just email me the address.
Art Pearse

Thanks Dennis and Art! Your generosity is greatly appreciated. I have contacted you both by email to followup. I will let you know how this works out.


rpb bunch

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