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MG MGA - oil cooler

How do you drain the oil in the Oil Cooler?,or does it drain out through the sump drain hole? if so, do you need to jack the front up to allow it to drain?

Nigel Munford

Hi Nigel,

it depends on how it is mounted.

If it is the original spec (pipes go up into it from under the car), then draining from the sump should work.

However, if your pipes go into the top (modern way), then you'll have to drain the sump, unbolt the cooler, lift it to clear the pipes, then remove the pipes and drain it into a suitable recepticle.

I've got the modern pipes, but with a couple of extra joints so that I can mount it underneath, akin to the original version (I just prefer the way it looks).

Good luck,

Grant :-)
G Hudson

No, even with the pipes that come in under the front pan it won't drain back into the sump as both the oil filter head and the gallery take-off at the rear of the block are higher. You'd need to remove the lines from the cooler and drain it. Most people just ignore the pint or so of old oil that remains.

Of course if you blow an engine, then you HAVE to remove the cooler and either toss it or ultrasonically clean the inside.
Bill Spohn

This thread was discussed on 26/05/2009

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