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MG MGA - oil delivery ?

on cold start up how long before you see oil at the rocker shaft ?

Cheers Colin
c daly

Depends on many factors - bearing clearances, oil viscosity, whether the oil filter drains down or not, how worn the oil pump rotors are.

The feed to the rocker shaft is intermittant as well, it is governed by the rear camshaft journal so engine speed has an effect.

I wouldn't worry as long as oil eventually reaches the rocker gear.
Chris at Octarine Services

Hi Chris thanks for the comment,
it seems that after i replaced my rocker assembly i have ended up with more clatter than before , the motor is in good order , 15/40 oil + cooler , your comment on the filter makes me wonder? which make/filter do you use as i am due a change

Cheers Colin
c daly

Replaced rocker assy opens up a whole new can of worms

- is it a reconditioned unit?
- by whom?
- has it got the correct rear pedestal?
- did you put a shim under the rear pedestal?
- is there any play in the rocker arm bushes if you pull them away from the posts and try twisting them horizontally?
- do the balls on the rocker arms sit properly in the cups on the pushrods?
- what have you set the valve clearance to?
Chris at Octarine Services

Chris, your question..."did you put a shim under the rear pedestal?" a shim supposed to be there, or not be there?
Thanks, George
G Goeppner

Lol - not there - it would block the oil feed drilling!
Chris at Octarine Services

Hi Chris

B Hive exchange
rear oil feed lines up
shims on 2&3
17 thou cold
car goes well just this annoying noise
Cheers Colin
c daly

what camshaft is fitted?

if it is a standard cam then the valve clearances should be 12 thou inlet and 14 thou exhaust.
Chris at Octarine Services

Hi Chris
That could be the answer , i have a 1622 block with 18v head & standard cam .
The only time i have seen this type of setting was on an obscure site that i felt unsure about as the general view has been a slightly wider gap ? I will give it a go next week and let you know how i get on , thanks for your help and interest.
Cheers Colin
c daly

Valve clearances are determined by the cam grind.

There is a ramp ground onto the lobe which takes up the clearance gently before whipping the valve open - too much clearance and there is clearance remaining when the valve gear accelerates up the lobe - hence the clatter.

Some performance cams require valve clearances as wide as 22thou and 17thou is not uncommon.
Chris at Octarine Services

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