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MG MGA - Oil filter replacement

I am about to change the oil filter in my A, which I thought would be a fairly straightforward job... until I started reading some old threads on the subject and a couple of articles on MGA Guru.
So the first question is what sort of oil filter assembly do I have? Is it an early Telcalemit, a late Telcalemit or a Purolator? Looking at the various illustrations I've found I'd say mine is a late Telcalemit, but I'd be grateful is somebody could confirm from the attached picture?
Then we come to the subject of o-rings. The new filter I've got (part no GFE102) comes with 3 rubber o-rings, all of which are different sizes. Article ref OF-100A2 on Barney's site tells me that the o-ring I need has an outer diameter of 3.16 inches, inner diameter of 2.90 inches, width of 0.13 and depth of 0.15. Not surprisingly, none of the o-rings in the box match those exact dimensions, but the one that comes closest has a depth of 0.09 inches instead of 0.15. So my question is will that seal work or will I finish up with an oily garage floor?
Many thanks in advance.

Robert Sinclair

If you can't spin it off, its not Purolator.
Art Pearse

Sorry I cant help with your question, but have you considered changing to a spin on oil filter?

Obviously if originality is important to you, you wont want to, but many of us have changed over, I believe
Graham V

Robert, silly question but have you got the old rubber ring out yet and compared it with the new ones. I think that's what I did for forty years. I fitted the one that was closest in size and it seemed to work.

John Francis

The spin-off unit sounds an interesting option for the future and would certainly make life a bit easier, as that centre bolt can be a pain sometimes. But to answer John's question, I fitted the old o-ring myself, some time ago, when I was blissfully unaware of the different sizes, so it's anyone's guess if I fitted the right one or not... which might be why it's leaking now?
Robert Sinclair

You say you donít know which type of filter it is. If you want to find out it is very clear on the Moss spares site where the boundaries are by model and chassis number. By the way after nearly 50 years changing it the old way I got the spin on option when I fitted an early B engine but it is still quite tricky.

Paul Dean


Is it possible that you might have two O rings in place? Did you definitely remove the old one when you fitted the new one. This can lead to leaks and it is easily done if you are not familiar with the assembly.

John Francis

And be very wary of using current felt filter inserts, there seems to be a problem with them dissolving and blocking the oil pump. Leads to a destroyed engine. Paper inserts are the way to go, or better a modern cartridge type (spin-on)

If anyone is in need of originals I have a few in my stores, cost of postage only to a good home!
Dominic Clancy

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