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MG MGA - Oil pipe filter to rear of block

I need a pipe from the oil filter header to the rear of the engine block ( I have temporarily reused the flex hose that went to the filter, but would prefer to use the correct pipe)

I have been watching eBay but have seen nothing- has anyone got a spare lying around?

dominic clancy

All those people who have fitted an oil cooler should have one left over.
Mike Ellsmore

Dominic - NTG has them for sale - P/N B034A They are very proud of them though at 46
Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

Dominic, you sent me a speedometer cable for the postage so I will send you one of the pipes you are looking for at the cost of postage. Sent a private message.
GK George

I love the people on this BBS!
dominic clancy

I agree Dominic. IMHO this board is way better than that other one
gary starr

Make sure it's the right one. The early Talcemite pipes are different from the later ones. They look the same until you go to connect them. Don't ask how I know:)

JL Cheatham

Are the differences documented anywhere?
dominic clancy

Picture of the early pipe, a little longer than the later one:

Picture of the later shorter pipe here:

And what happens if you try to fit the early pipe to the later application:
Barney Gaylord

Thanks to George again, it arrived today.
dominic clancy

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