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MG MGA - Oil pressure line to gauge..which wayaround

After connecting up the copper line between the gauge and the engine bay fitting, I think I've got it the wrong way around. The line has a fixed nut on one end, and a nut/screw on the other. I never even thought to check when putting the Coupe together. I've put the fixed end up to the gauge, whereas I think it should be the other way around. Can someone please confirm?
Gary Lock

In 29 years I have had my engine out occasionally (too many times). I always disconnect that hose at the engine end, so I'd say it is good to have the swivel nut there.

Hmmmm. Maybe I'm not logged in right but that's not me in the "From" line.

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

Don't know if that was Barney in the last post, but the line is not the joiner to engine, it's the joiner to gauge (copper line).
Gary Lock

I don't recall these two being interchangeable. On mine the nut on the gauge is a larger size at 9/16" AF whereas the smaller nut on the other end is only 1/4" BSF.
Don't forget the leather washer on the gauge!.....................Mike
m.j. moore

Pic from engine bay, hope it helps.. Silver flexi tubing obviously runs to engine

Graham V

Mine has shouldered 'free' nuts at both ends. Distance between the flats on both nuts is 0.46".


Steve Gyles

All the ones I have seen are the same both ends

dominic clancy

Interesting, so there must be several types out there?
Those with different size nuts at each end, those with a fixed nut on one end, and those with the same size free nuts at each end.
Gary Lock

Been there ;-) From experience, the end attached to the gauge has a flat mating surface, for the small leather gasket, and mates with the flat surface in the gauge. Depending on how much the tube has been handled after removing, the leather gasket may still be attached to the end (or attached to the gauge attachment surface.) According to Barney, if you don’t have the leather gasket, it’s probably not even needed.
Also read Barney’s discussion on “bleeding” tube prior to attachment. Not necessary but gives the gauge faster response.

Oops, this is for a roadster, don't know if the coupe is the same.

F. J. Bruns

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