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MG MGA - One for Cam / Steve

Hi Cam and Steve

I have now completed the modification of the radiator blind that I got from Gordon, and it is installed in the car - I made brackets so that it mounts using the radiator mounting bolts, which I substiuted with longer ones so that they protrude through the radiator bulkhead. It's almost invisible.

Now all I have to do is fit the operating cable, and I would really like a photo of the engine bulkhead so I can see where the cable went through. That way I hope to avoid the chain getting tagled on wring when I operate it.

I can't remember which one of your cars had a blind fitted at some stage - can either of you help out with a photo?

On a side note, I also picked up a set of original radiator muffs at Bob West's on Saturday. Once they have been cleaned up and had a few minor repairs, they will be pressed into winter use as well - photos will follow.

dominic clancy


Not Me, no blind on my car. I did have a linked photo of the bulkhead on my website, but it is now broken.

Steve Gyles

Hi Dominic, Yes it was me - there is the tube on top of my radiator for the blind operating chord. I will have another look at the bulkhead tomorrow and see if I can figure out which hole the mechanism went through.
Cam Cunningham

Hi Dominic,

My Twin Cam had one. So on the hunt for any spare parts to go with the radiator blind.

I believe the twin cam ones operate up and down where as the pushrod cars are side to side though.

I currently have nothing, other than a photo from the 50's suggesting it was fitted and some holes which should match up.

I'd like to see more photos too when you have it installed.

I guess you've seen this:

I'm sure Barney would appreciate more photos on the subject, as I believe the brackets under the dash are hard to find.

Mark Hester

Thanks Cam

Mark, I have modified a Magnette one, and have fitted a tube to the top of the radiator to guide the cable. I saw an original one on a pushrod car at Moto-Build years ago, and that's how it was done. If you want a new one, Bob had a full generic kit brand new in its box and complete with all the bits. I didn't take it because I have already done all the fabrication and fitted the unit in the car. I took a photo of the bracket in the kit, and with a little work it will be easy to make for my car.

Cam if you can see where the bracket is fitted inside the car, that would also be great. The fitting on the bulkhead may be the same as the one inside the car used for the accelerator cable - at eastthat's what I will be using.

It's getting closer to being finished, would be nice if I can get it done for our rallye on the weekend.
dominic clancy


I found a picture of the engine bulkhead in my archives. Attached.


Steve Gyles

dominic,, small world i am at motobuild working on that mga .. it is going back on the road very soon. i can take some pictures of it for you if you want them ,nice period item and the car is all original regards steve
s curtis

Hallo Mr Curtis

1. Greetings to the crew at Moto-Build.
2. Yes please, as many photos as you can, particularly of the fitting at the radiator, the blind itself, the fitting nd position at the bulkhead, routing of the cable under the dash and mounting and location of the bracket in the cockpit.

This BBS is sometimes able to exceed all expectations!
dominic clancy

Hi Cam
I found the picture of the engine bulkhead. The holes are not on Steve's picture (which would figure as it seems to have been a fairly rare option)

Here's the picture I found

dominic clancy


You will need a suitably large shrouding for that hole you are going to make in the bulkhead, otherwise you will get a large blast of hot oily air into the cockpit and the engine will run even cooler!

Steve Gyles

Hi Dominic - That looks like my bulkhead in the photo - sorry I haven't been able to get another photo yet, but no other obvious holes that aren't already being used. cheers Cam
Cam Cunningham

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