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MG MGA - Origin of this B series head

Any ideas. Has a strange fitting at the rear corner ?

Dominic Clancy

My only thought is that it must be a later head - post 1975 - as only they had the flat area just there.

Possibly for a heater tap / take off as per the A series head.
Chris at Octarine Services

I think Chris is correct, some type of coolant take-off; see pic attached of closeup. You can see a worm clamp on the black hose & what appears to be a metal end plug. Not sure of the date of the head; perhaps a one-off. Any way to see what the casting numbers are?

Nick Kopernik

MSX cross flow heads have a plug in this area for same reason - heater take off.
Mike Ellsmore

It appears to be a post 1975 North American MGB head - as the car has a B engine, aircon and an OD gearbox, I surmise that the drivetrain has been supplanted from a B to get the whole aircon experience - it's in a Coup

I haven't seen the car, just trying to help out someone who is looking to buy an MGA
Dominic Clancy

It's probably the outlet for fitting the water heated choke that was on later model MGBs with Stromberg carbs.

JL Cheatham

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