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I just happened to stumble across another MG forum website. I spotted what looked like an interesting topic (5-speed gearbox right angle drive) and was somewhat surprised to find it was the discussion I started on this site. Further investigation showed many other threads from this site had been copied across:

Is this normal and acceptable practice?

Steve Gyles

Yes Steve, look into most of the topics, and they come from this site..your name is listed quite a bit!
Gary Lock

I emailed the webmaster (Mike Plumstead) to ask the question and am waiting a reply. However, I have since noted from earlier correspondence that his email address is associated with DMR, so it is probable that the 2 websites are part of the same group of companies.

Steve Gyles

I've emailed Mike 5 times to reset the password on my other account and never received any reply. I cannot post on this forum from my laptop, which is where half of my posts come from. Copying my access code does not work, which is why I'm posting on this old one now.
Steve S

Mike responded to me. As suspected in my second post, he also owns the other site. Steve, try this email address for him: mxp at dmr dot co dot uk

Steve Gyles

This thread was discussed between 22/09/2008 and 23/09/2008

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