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MG MGA - Paint question

I'm thinking of painting over chrome, rather than re-chrome. Sorry , its a m/c part!
So my thoughts were 120 emery, sandblasting of the worst bits, Phosphoric acid wash to fix the rust, then prime with zinc chromate, followed by build primer and finally, Duplicolour chrome paint.
It's the primer that is my question.
Art Pearse

Check with your paint supplier or mfgr. The big boys have help lines for this sort of question.

Try here:


Art, If you have three materials you'd like to get rid of viz. chromium, nickel, rust presumably on a steel substrate then you could try removing them all electrolytically. First the rust can be removed in a sodium hydroxide electrolyte (50gms/litre) using DC from a battery charger and the work piece as cathode and some stainless steel as anode. Leave it overnight depending on how much rust there is. Secondly, after the rust is gone, you could reverse the polarity having the work as anode and the same electrolyte with the stainless as cathode and leave for a relatively short time (a couple of minutes) to get rid of the chromium.
Finally, change the electrolyte to sulphuric acid (battery acid sg=1.28) and again with work as the anode and a lead cathode you can remove the nickel. Not sure of the time but you would have to watch it and stop in time to avoid pitting of the substrate

I've used the first two techniques successfully for removing rust and chromium but not the third because at the time I had no sulphuric acid.................Mike

m.j. moore

Use a coat of etch primer over the prepared metal.
A Bowie

Powder coating! Prep needs only cleaning and it is there for many years.
BM Gannon

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