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MG MGA - Panel Repair Adhesives

I asked for advice or experience about this a few weeks ago, but no response. After some research, I bought a 2 part Urethane kit and stuck my Moss lower front fender panels(perfect fit)to the original uppers.Modesty limits me,but I have to admit the result is superb. No warp, no worry about rust(the urethane seals all)and the adhesion is beyond question.I used a flanging tool,#6 roundhead screws every clamps and great care measuring. Welding is great fun and very manly but this stuff is the way of the future. I'll send a photo,only if I figure out how;I'mould,you know. Bob Prentice
rsa prentice

We have a great MGA club here in Ontario. Grood bunch of guys with lots of experience but I have never heard anyone talk about using the adhesives. I would to run this passed them if you could give me some more info as to the product you are using.
Where are you located?????
Kris Sorensen

I can't see any problem using modern adhesives on something like an MGA as most of the panels are not structural like the unibody Bs and midgets. There I would be a more hesitant to alter the basic design as the engineers built it.
Bill Young

Bonding of panels, both structural and non-structural, has been done for many years in the aviation industry. Structural repairs usually require a bit more bother as they tend to be vacuum bagged and heated, but for something like you did, bonding is the way to go!
Mitch Smith

A good friend of mine has a body shop and has done his own lower door panels on his Blazer,and has held up about 5 yrs.He did my son's Jeep Cherokee roof,it rusted thru by the roof rack about 3 yrs ago.In our case it worked out great,if he had wanted to weld it the headliner would have had to come out.
gary starr

Kris, The product is made by Norton(USA), Speedgrip Urethane Structural Adhesive.I bought it at NAPA.There are several sources for these 2part urethanes on the internet, not cheap and all seem to require a special gun, but in my opinion,worth it.I'm hiding in the countryside near Napanee. Thanks for asking, Bob Prentice
rsa prentice

I'm glad to hear it worked out. Biggest concern with bonding visible panels is possible "witness line"- different material properties stress the paint and, over time, the joint becomes visible. Note most moderns cover bonded/sealed joints with trim.

Have fun,
Bill Eastman

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