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MG MGA - Piston in the clutch/slavecylinder

Hi all,

I have got piston in the clutch slavecylinder that is stucked. Anyone having a good method of getting this, and the rest of the stuff out? I have tried compressed air! Is it a good idea to heat it upp to see if it loose up? The clutch slave cylinder is out of the car as the whole car is taken apart and undergoing a total restoration!

Best regards

Anders Dahlberg

Anders, use a grease gun. It is safer.
Art Pearse

Heat should also work as the aluminium cylinder expands more than the steel piston.
Art Pearse

Anders, if the piston is really stuck, the chances are that the cylinder and piston are badly corroded. It might be a better idea to get a new slave cylinder. Try to get one with a steel piston rather than the cheaper version with an aluminium piston.
Lindsay Sampford

Hej Anders, I agree with Lindsay, if it is stuck so firm that it doesn't come out with air then the chances of the bore still being perfect are slim to zero.

Which are the best slave cylinders? AP?
N McGurk

I would also like to know which is the best cylinder, that is least likely to leak with silicon fluid. I rebuilt my original unit and put it in a box awaiting reassembly of my car, but have since decided that this is probably a good place to spend a little extra money.
Del Rawlins

The County brand one I just removed had an aluminum piston. The no-name I just fitted has a steel piston

dominic clancy

Hello Art,

Heat and the greasegun worked just fine!
I will give the parts a quick beadblast and then use the honingtool to get rid of some small imperfections in the cylinder. Hopefully it will work well and not leak! :-)


Anders Dahlberg

Wow! Heat AND grease gun is a deadly combination. A friend (well, co-worker) of mine tried that once in the early 70's. By the time it let loose the grease was at boiling temperature with steam pressure, do it exploded and set the grease vapor on fire burning down his garage with the car in it. He was burned some too, but survived to tell about it. I'd say, never heat the cylinder when there is fluid inside.
Barney Gaylord

Hi Barney,

I did so that I first heated the cylinder for maybe 10 seconds with a Hot Air Gun. I could still hold the cylinder in my hand when fasteing it in the Bench vise, and then took the greasegun and pressed some grease into the cylinder! The piston then came out nice and easy! No fire in sight! I didnīt dare to get it to warm as I expected that something of what you told could happen. But, it was good of you to comment as others might warm the parts too much, when trying the same!


Anders Dahlberg

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