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MG MGA - Pistons

What is members opinions / experience of piston suppliers ? I am looking for a set of oversize 1622 pistons.
A Pearse

On my recent rebuild for my 1622 with 40 over. I asked the shop to contact Scarborough Faire,since I had talked with Cecilia in June of 2006 and she convinced me they had the best pistons. However the shop installed pistons from Moss. I believe they were County brand. It seems it goes back and forth which are the best. Should be a few good opinions from this site.

Ray Ammeter

I may be able to help. I have some NOS Mahle brand +.040"

Peter C
Peter Caldwell

The pistons available from the normal sources are cast and use 4 or 5 rings. When I was rebuilding a 60 1600 ,10+ years ago, none of the usual suspects had the pistons I needed. The machine shop suggested Venolia pistons. The ones we used were 3 ring cast pistons. At the time they were no more expensive than Moss. Moss quotes 339.95 for MK11 pistons. The Venolia part is much better quality than ANY cast piston. Forged pistons are much stronger lighter and more durable.
As a price comparison a common current piston set with rings and wrist pins for a Toyota 22RE engine cost me $116.46. Using that as a comparison the "race" pistons they sell, though in line with what we pay for pistons, are 3-4 times normal.
I just called Venolia to verify availability. These are custom made to your specification and are $87 each plus wrist pin $18 and rings. For roughly $400 you can get a product that is so much better in quality that there is NO comparison.Read the info in the catalog.
I googled "forged pistons" and came up with a list of companies that make custom pistons.
Arias, JE, Wiesco, Ross, Mahle and Venolia.
R J Brown

I hate that I can't edit my posts. We used 3 ring FORGED pistons. Less friction less wear more power.
R J Brown

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