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MG MGA - Please help identify this crank pulley seal

I need to replace the pulley seal, and want to use the same type....
Thanks in advance

Edward Wesson 60MGA

Ed, no markings on it? If not, just pull it and measure up.
Art Pearse

I guess I am asking if this is a standard type seal on a 1600...I thought I would find a felt seal under the pulley.

There are markings on the seal, but nothing I've ever seen....
Any more ideas?
Edward Wesson 60MGA

To me, it looks a lot like a "B" cover...Is it?
Edward Wesson 60MGA

What about a 1622 cover?....

Edward Wesson 60MGA
Barney Gaylord

Late MGA cover - standard MGA/MGB timing cover seal - looks like a later aftermarket seal with double lips rather than the original single lip - buy from any of the usual suspects.
Chris at Octarine Services

Thanks again , everyone.
....Looked closely at the numbers on the seal, and here's what I found:
Brand..."Tokez" (sounds Chinese or Indian)
Stamped size: 2.312-0.375 (must be the range of OD fits)
So , evidently , this is a "late" cover....
I think I will order the GACO seal replacement, as I have had very good luck with this brand.

Edward Wesson 60MGA

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