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MG MGA - 'Project 4 week rebuild' update

Well here's the story.

Everything but the crank and one piston is stripped off the motor and neatly bundled in zip lock bags.

The head and the block assembly are at the machinists. I left the crank and one piston in place so that he can cc the block half of the combustion chamber. I'm going to go over there to dissemble fully when he is done.

He's going to measure the bore and all the crank journals before commencing work so I will be back to ask y'alls advise for that.

I have some minor concerns about the crank journals: the rod bearings were changed 3 years (5,000) miles ago. They all showed white metal, but one showed signs of spalling in the white metal. Given the dimensions perhaps the journal may just want some emery paper. I haven't seen the main bearings yet.

I am very pleased that I went the route of the complete rebuild. In addition to the scoring in the deck between #2 and #3, I found a broken top ring in #4. Only a matter of time before that worked free and really buggered something up.

In addition to having the head ported and polished and the new crank, I've decided to have the flywheel lightened. CD's engine service in Holland, MI will do it for less than $100. The goal of this project is to make the trip from 0 to 70 mph a little more zippy, so I think this fits neatly into the project. In the interest of drivability (particularly so the pretty Mrs. M doesn't stall at the light) I'm going to have them take out about 4-5 pounds vs. the 8 pounds of the MGB fly wheel.

I'm about 1 week behind on the schedule (my own fault due to 'da boys' football schedule) and I frankly just blew the $1000 budget due to naivete and scope creep (new clutch and flywheel work). Here's my standing.

Head- $230 parts + $350 labor

Block-$650 parts + $300 labor (depending on crank condition or god forbid having to go up a size in pistons)

So I'm looking at $1500 plus or minus
T McCarthy

Hey Tyson,
I have found that most engine rebuilds run about $1700, whether you want them to or not, so you're in good shape.
mike parker

Thanks for the benchmark Mike.

Of course that leaves me with $200 more to blow!!!!
T McCarthy

Yeah, you always hope to get out cheap, but that has been where I always wound up.
mike parker

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