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MG MGA - Project car on Ebay?

Opening bid of $1200 and no takers with just one day left.

Seller says "It has no title, but due the car's age, this won't be a problem for buyers." I'm not sure what that means, unless the car is registered in a state that did not title cars in 1958. Outside of that, the lack of a title is always a problem! Is this why it has no bidders?

I know the car looks plenty rough, and the pictures don't show much - they probably hide more than they reveal.
The fact that it runs is nice, but in the big picture, it doesn't mean that much to me. ' Still have to go through the engine. But all in all, this still looks like $1200 worth of MGA - except for the title problem. But for that, I might bid.

Any opinions?

Allen Bachelder

The description says that the car color is black. Since all the pictures show what appears to be red car, that may explain the lack of bids.
Don Carlberg

It "purrrs!" Really? With two ignition coils it should growl!
Basket case looking for a long term relationship.
Steven B

' Just saw the second ignition coil. Doesn't look like it's doing much. I see the car now has one bid at $1200. That might change things quite a bit. ' Don't want to be part of a spiral of last-minute bids up to some ridiculous figure. I still don't know if I could title the darn thing.

Thanks, guys, for the comments.

Allen Bachelder


NO ! ! ! You do not need any more projects right now...NO !!!!

David Honness

Allen, I'm in the same predicament and bidding on another MGA without a title on E-Bay. It has a few hours to go and someone is trying to run the bid up, so might not win it anyway. I'm only willing to invest so much. The reason I took the risk is that it's about 15 miles away from me and in the same state. Thus, I can personally work with the seller to get a duplicate title. It has sat for 15 years with the same owner and I doubt that I'll run into liens of any sort. That might be what the seller means regarding the car's age.

I agree it's taking a risk. The biggest risk is the time it takes to search the title. I ran into this many years ago when I bought a 72 MGB-GT from parents that had to get the title from their daughter out west somewhere. She had signed off the title on the date I actually paid for it, had it notarized, pouted for months about what her parents sold the car for and it cost me an extra two hundred dollars in late fees for title transfer for a five hundred dollar car.

I appreciate David's comment above. It's exactly what my wife says, but it is an addiction of sorts. Good luck with the bid if you decide to go for it.
Rick Penland


Think I need to start going to MGAA meetings! This is not a good time to buy another project, but it's fun to keep looking for that deal that's just way too good to pass up.

I also promise to show your note to Florrie. And Rick, you're absolutely right. As the owner of four project cars, I know where my limited funds must go!

Allen Bachelder

I have had a friend with a few cars without titles. He arranged with a automotive friend to do a lein sale on the cars and then got a new title. The cars he dad were legal but no title.

This is kind of on/off topic. I was here over the week end, Nov 17, 18, 19 approx., and as I perused the classified I could swear I saw an advertisement for a 53 TD. It was a project for restoration? Asking $10,00? The engine was in pieces..? Does this ring a bell to anyone? I have been going over and over this site and I can't find what I'm looking for. The owner didn't have pictures posted, but would email them if you were interested. Does anyone remember any post like I'm describing? I'd sure appreciate being put in contact with the owner of this car.

Jacqueline Peabody


Is it this one?
It's a 1951? though.

Neil McGurk

No, that's not the one. Actually it was listed in the classified section of one of the MG groups. I just can't seem to remember which one. It seems to me I was at the site reading about care of the MG and there was a link to autos for sale and it was either the first or second one listed. It was where the body of the car was in good shape but the engine was all in bits and pieces. If I could find the original site I know I could find the advertisement, but that's where the problem lies...I can't locate the original!

Also I know it wouldn't be on eBay- I am having one he** of a time trying to undo the damage eBay has done. I ordered a few bits and pieces from them. When I used them I always used a hotmail account and put in info that would let me immediately identify the source as being eBay. Well, my personal info is now the property of who knows how many people. I have had to cancel all my credit cards, I have notified the credit reporting companies that my identity has been's just a major mess. And I can prove it all came from eBay. I will NEVER have anything to do with them ever again. But the damage is done and I just have to try and repair with as little residual long term damage as possible.

Jacqueline Peabody

Yes, I agree. Ebay the company is a heart attack waiting to happen. Abysmal customer service.


I bought my coupe without a title because I checked Virginia DMV first to see if them issuing a new one would be problematic. They have a book that check the title requirements of every state and can let yo uknow if a "bill of sale" would be adequate. As it turned out, Alabama didn't issue titles back when my car was made and bills of sale were all that was needed. Since that was where the car was located, that was the rule Virginia DMV applied to my application for a new title and it was no problem. Best check with the Motor Vehicle agency in yoru state first. However, I agree with David.....Stop!
Robert Maupin

Well - I bought one more MG - last Sunday, for $7. Check out the image. But I did the same thing you did when I bought a 74.5 B/GT from Alabama back when I still lived in Virginia. It was no problem.


Allen Bachelder

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