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MG MGA - Pushrod--clutch release lever

I'm converting my '59 A to an early B transmission. The B clutch release lever pushrod is shorter than the A pushrod. Will this be a problem with the A slave cylinder or do I need to convert to the B slave cylinder?


JM Morris

You should use the MGA pushrod and MGA slave cylinder.
The MGB parts you have to use are the gearbox front cover (with oil seal), the operating lever, the thrust bearing and thrust bearing clips.
Of course you also need the MGB diaphragm type clutch.
These parts must be from the 3 synchro MGB gearbox.
Remember you have to drill 3 dowel holes in the MGA flywheel or use a MGB flywheel

M F Anderson

MGA and MGB clutch slave and pushrod are the same part numbers. For the MGB clutch you MUST use the early MGB (pre-1968) gearbox front cover and MGB release arm and release bearing. The MGB diaphragm clutch is thinner than the MGA lever clutch, so the release arm has to be farther forward. The MGB gearbox front cover has the pivot bolt farther forward to suit.
Barney Gaylord

You may require a different spigot bush for the end of the crankshaft.
John Bray

I should have been more specific. I have an early '65 B engine and the early B trans. I'm really surprised that the A and B push rods are the same part number. The B push rod I have is about 3/4 inch shorter. However, it's pretty badly corroded so it may have had the tip of it broken off at some point. The tip that was left is only about 70% of it's original diameter. I'm happy to learn that I can use the A push rod. It's in good shape.

JM Morris

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