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MG MGA - Question for US Residents!

This might seem an odd question but:
It's 11pm in the uk at the moment, what is the local time for the area where Todd Clarke is located?
Graeme Williams

It is around 6 PM but could be five.

Thanks Sandy!
I am buying some parts from him and useful to know roughly when in my time frame, he is around. Looks like 5 or 6 hours behind UK.
Graeme Williams

11pm.... Subtract 2:60, add 2 days, carry the 13.....

It's September 32nd here!!!

Glad to be of service.


Graeme - What time zone is England in? I see UTC, UTC1 and UTC2. I am always trying to figure out what time to make calls to England and I have the means to convert the time if I know the time zone
( Cheers - Dave
D.W. DuBois


I understand that UTC is the same as our old GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) also known in the military as Zulu time. Therefore the UK runs UTC during winter. On or about 31 March we put the clocks forward one hour (UTC +1) which we call British Summer Time. On or about 31 October we put the clocks back to UTC. One way to remember it is that we spring forward and fall back.

Steve Gyles

Steve - Thank you. I sort of assumed that UTC and GMT were the same, but when looking at various time maps it can get confusing rather quickly.

"On or about 31 March we put the clocks forward one hour (UTC +1) which we call British Summer Time. On or about 31 October we put the clocks back to UTC. One way to remember it is that we spring forward and fall back."
Yes, we go through the same nonsense at about the same time of the year. Over here in the colonies we call it Daylight Savings Time.

My only concern as to what time it is on your side of the pond, is when I am trying to call and order parts from Burlen Fuel Systems.
D.W. DuBois


Yes, it's known as daylight saving here also.

You mentioned UTC2. The main players in mainland Europe, including Germany, France, Switzerland Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, (plus others) run one hour ahead of the UK throughout the year, giving the UTC2 in summer months.

Steve Gyles

I contact relatives in the UK and Europe on a regular basis.
London is 5 hours while Berlin is six hours ahead of us here in Florida.
If you use Google the phone charge is only one cent .01 per minute. I keep a small balance of prepaid money on file.
There are no hidden charges for this service.


Perhaps it wasn't such an odd question after all!
At least in the uk we have the same time throughout. And I think we are always one hour behind mainland Europe.
Graeme Williams

if you google "time London" it will tell you the local time in London at the time you search. This works for everywhere

I called Todd and placed an order with him by eMail this afternoon, so he's reachable mid afternoon UK time
dominic clancy

"At least in the uk we have the same time throughout."

That falls right in line with Sandy's being 5 hours behind London, whereas on the west coast of the US, we are 9 hours behind - the Continental US covers 4 time zones (that doesn't include Alaska and Hawaii). When I worked for the Trident Refit Facility here in Washington State and we had to be at work at 0630 just so we could communicate with the power's that be on the East Coast before the all left for lunch.

Dominic - Thanks for the tip about "time London". Cheers - Dave
D.W. DuBois


I think you are double counting Sandy's Eastern time zone. Eastern would be 5 hrs, Central would be 6, Mountain would be 7, and Pacific would be 8 (if my math is right).

C R Huff

Blimey, even the Americans are confused!

However, for all that, Todd seems at his desk 24/7!
Graeme Williams

Most Western countries with daylight/summer time used to be on the same schedule. Then 10 years ago the US decided to extend daylight time two weeks each in the Spring and Fall. That was the biggest IT headache since Y2K as it required the timezone file to be changed on every computer in the world. And now there's a two week period every Spring and Fall where airline schedules are beyond confusing. "Good Ol' American Know-How" at work. :-P
David Breneman

Charlie - You are right, the difference is 3 hours not 4. Regardless, my web site for my fuel pump restoration work states that if you must call, please call AFTER 9AM Pacific Time. Even with that, we still get calls at 0600 and then they wonder why we are not very receptive of their calls. Cheers - Dave
D.W. DuBois

Yeah, every once in a while, I will get a 4AM or so phone call from somebody on the east coast (usually somebody I have ordered parts from). Given that I work a swing shift and prefer to rise at the crack of noon, this is annoying. I think the last time I called Todd to order stuff, I actually stayed up, made the call, and then went to bed.

D Rawlins

I am convinced that a statistically significant percentage of the US population living on the East Coast does not know that there is more than one time zone.
David Breneman

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