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MG MGA - Radiator inhibitor for alloy engines

I don't need anti freeze in sunny Sydney , so I use tap water. Aparently straight water transfers the heat more efficiently. ? ? But I learned recently that my 3 litre Subaru needs a special brew only available from the Dealer otherwise they blow the head gaskets on the all alloy Boxer engine. $70 Aus and used straight.
There is an American web page on this and the only after market source for the special brew is a company in the USA. Makes interesting reading about the complexity of todays engine requirements.
Oh, and Sydney tap water ,when independitaly tested was found to be purer than the various bottled waters.
Sean (in the sun shine and no Ashes )
S Sherry


I thought bottled water in Australia was a brewery product.


PS. I won't mention the Ashes until we have beaten you 3-1.
Steve Gyles

Sean..I also do not use any antifreeze as this makes no sense and reduces heat transfer efficiency.I use good ole fresh rainwater from my own storage tank..but I add corrosion inhibitor to neutralise PH etc.
Neil Ferguson

I got a recall on my Subaru Forester so they could add the special "brew". Claim is the head gasket is now garanteed for 100,000 miles. Makes you wonder what it does. We'll see....
G T Foster

Neil and Sean,
There's a tech article on that explains that about 30% antifreeze provides best heat transfer.
(This article can only be accessed by NAMGAR members.)
P. Tilbury

GTF could you elaborate on the coolant recall. ie. does it mean that the geniune product has been upgraded in the USA. Over here I'm mindfull of a comment made by a Merc. Dealer a few years ago
" Why ask me ,we are the last to know " Sean
S Sherry

I went to my maintenance records on the Subaru and darn if I could find the info. But it was done a number of years ago by a Subaru dealer. If I find anything I'll let you now.
G T Foster

After an online check I found this on a Subaru Forester forum web site. Hope it helps.

There was a "Engine Cooling System Conditioner" recall that included the addition of a Subaru coolant additive that when used with genuine Subaru coolant helps prevent against coolant leakage from the cylinder head gasket. Once the recall was completed by a Subaru dealer the warranty on the cylinder head gaskets only was extended to cover coolant leakage only for a period of 8 years or 100,000 miles from the original purchase date (whichever comes first). This warranty extension was only available to vehicles that had the recall performed initially at a Subaru dealership and then had their cooling system drained and refilled every 30,000 miles using only genuine Subaru coolant and the Subaru coolant additive.
G T Foster

You are on the right track G. T. about the brew for the head gaskets.Subaru now recomend that all their Boxer engines have their conditioner added to the Coolant. The recall was for the early Forrestors only. They paid. All models will have better head gasket protection with the addative. At the owners expence. Also Redline Water Wetter helps the heat transfer from the exhaust pockets in our MGs using straight water but not so effective if a coolent is used. Probably more benifical in the hotter climates were anti freeze is not needed. There is reserch to back this up. Sean
S Sherry

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