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MG MGA - Radiomobile Setup

Trying to clarify in my mind what parts make a period radio setup for my MGA. Clausager's book refers to a Radiomobile 50T as being a typical unit, with a separate tuner/amp mounted on the scuttle. Did all Radiomobile radios have a separate "power pack", or were some self contained dash mounted units. There is one old style Radiomobile on ebay at the moment, perhaps 50T, with no sign of a separate amp. The seller states it is working. Was the separate tuner/amp provided for extra output or more stations. Or did its omission indicate a change to transistors. If so, when.
Whilst seeking original looks, I would prefer a self contained dash mounted unit. Less to go wrong and less wiring etc.
I believe I can achieve what I seek by putting new electronics in an old case, but am looking at old technology first.
Any radio experts out there who can advise.

My radio which is a 50T does not have a separate amplifier box, it is self contained and I am pretty certain a valve/transistor hybrid. It certainly has a vibrator unit (built in) to generate the HT voltage.

I suspect that very few, if any, of the radios listed by Clausager had a separate amplifier so the wording in the book is misleading. Some early units had the vibrator unit separate as they could be noisy giving off a high pitched noise and were mounted under the bonnet. Other radios were too large to go through the slot in the dash and had to be mounted from behind with just the fascia poking through but by the late 1950s times and electronics had moved on.

Before buying the one off EBay, check if it is 6 or 12volt and positive or negative earth. They cannot be swapped about without internal wiring alterations and the 6 to 12 conversion needs a change of vibrator unit and they are virtually impossible to find.
Malcolm Asquith

I have a Radiomobile Model 20X that does not use an amplifier.
R Fisher

I have one with the amplifier and two without both work
well. All are Radiomobile Model 50T. One of these I plan to install in my 1956 MGA. The person I purchased the one with the Amp. also included the installation
information. Tom
Tom Peotter

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