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MG MGA - Rear brake backing plate

The backing plate has a brass rectangle spot welded to the outside perimeter of the wheel cylinder mounting hole. Mine are both nearly rotted away. I presume most are. I've removed the remnants, ground the spot welds flat and hope the cylinder casings will slide without them. ?Any experience? Thanks, Bob Prentice
rsa prentice

I am sure the cylinders will slide, but they will not be secured in the way intended, and will have a lot of play. You really want to trust your life on a bodge like that? Why not invest the small amount of $$ and replace the backplates (and any other parts in the system that have passed the end of their serviceable life, like hoses, brake fluid etc.?

It constantly amazes me that people scrimp and save on brakes - would you do the same on your daily driver? Of course not. Then why is it OK on the MG?
dominic clancy

I think the brass piece is the "bushing" that the brakes slide on so both shoes apply and RELEASE properly. I am sure it could be made to work but I also would feel uncomfortable doing it. I have never seen them in bad shape and I have owned 7 MGAs.
R J Brown

I believe the original wheel cylinders were cast iron (aftermarket replacements are aluminum) and the brass surface was probably to prevent them from rusting and seizing to the backing plates. The brass plate is also probably better sliding surface than the steel backing plate and should be maintained.
John DeWolf

Thanks guys, will replace. Bob P.
rsa prentice

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