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MG MGA - Rear brake locks when reversing

Hi all,
Any ideas on this one please - rear wheel locks up when reversing. There is nothing obviously wrong. The shoes are champfered at the edges which is what I thought was the problem initially. There doesn't seem to be anything loose, shoes are fitted correctly. The only thing I can think of is maybe the drum is out of shape and needs to be skimmed, but it doesn't do it going forwards.
Many thanks,
p parmenter

Has this just started out of the blue, or have you had the brakes apart? If the latter, i suspect the shoes are the wrong way round, or up.

Colin Manley

Maybe a photo of the brakes with the drum removed would help....
dominic clancy

Phil, are your springs OK and fitted correctly. When you go in reverse, the leading brake shoe becomes the trailing shoe and visa versa. The leading shoe is the one that works the hardest because it tends pull itself into the drum. Without an effective spring to hold it away the shoe will pull itself on. So when you go in reverse, what was the trailing shoe when you go forward becomes the leading shoe, the trailing shoe, by its very nature, will be less worn and more likely to dig-in. That's the best I can do!
Lindsay Sampford

Thanks for the replies. This is my brother's car so will check springs etc asap.

p parmenter


The springs on the rear shoes are fitted to different holes in the shoes to that on the front shoes. Also, the lighter of the two springs should be fitted to the abutment end.

Do you have the two round springs fitted in the centre of the shoes? These hold the shoes to the back plate.

P. Tilbury

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