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MG MGA - Rear Brakes dont release

Recently changed the rear wheel cylinders on my 1600, greased the hand brake cable full bleed. Thought great all should be good for a while, but seem to now be suffering from the rear brakes not releasing. Im assuming that the master cylinder is not releasing all the pressure, no I haven't done anything with my master cylinder for a a number of years now.

Once you start to drive off you can hear the breaks release and all seems to be fine.
S P Rossetto

Jack up one side of the car, two wheels up. Open the front brake bleed nipple first. If all brakes free up, the problem is in the master cylinder.

If the front wheel turns free but the rear one drags, then open the rear bleed nipple. If the rear wheel then turns free, the problem is most likely an obstructed flex hose between battery carrier and rear axle. A brake hose can be completely clogged and still look good on the outside.

If you know the hose is good, then look for a crimp in a steel brake pipe. If the car has been flat bed towed, a tie down chain thrown over the rear axle could have smashed the steel pipe on the axle housing.

If the rear bleeder is open and the brake still drags, then the problem is mechanical inside the brake drum. Back off the brake adjuster one notch and see if the problem goes away. If that frees up the wheel, but the problem reoccurs with next application of the brakes, then it may be a stiff slave cylinder, possibly dragging in the backing plate slot where it should slide freely.
Barney Gaylord

Further fault finding I have found that it is only occuring on the right hand side.

As well from the significant difference in temperatures of the two drums after driving it would appear that the right hand side must be rubbing.
S P Rossetto

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