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MG MGA - Rear Brakes out of Adjustment

Following the rear cylinder leakage which I have now repaired, I went ahead and adjusted the brakes.

Seems like I am out of adjustment as I can turn the adjuster all the way round, and it barely binds on the last click.
This was the case already but seem to have gotten worse.
(I also found that the hand-brake cable was adjusted way too tight, and this could have cause part of the original problem. I read on Barney's site that hand-brake tension should be adjusted at the end.)

So I went ahead and changed the brake shoes, and still the same issue.
I saw in a previous post someone who welded a shim on the adjusted mask, which is what I would need. However I don't have the resources to perform such a job.

I read on another thread;

That you could get these masks with the shim already welded in place from;
but apparently this company has closed.

Can anyone tell me where I can buy a set of these masks?

Many thanks!
Gonzalo Ramos

You may be needing new drums as well, measure them and check the dimensions against spec.

After my struggle to balance the rear brakes in the spring (and I do have new shoes and brake drums, and everything can be locked up on the adjuster) I plan to have a thorough look at the brakes this winter before refitting the Judson - no point in banging the power back in if the brakes are not 120%

dominic clancy

Looks like I was lucky.
I sent an email to and got a fast response.
He has the shimmed masks in stock and ready to ship.
So if any of you guys needs the same, Brian is your guy.

Gonzalo Ramos

Boy Gonzalo,

You've come a long way in an awfully short time! Seems like only last month you were asking advise on buying an MGA.
David Werblow

We'll time flies. Its been 18months now since I have the little beast and enjoying working on it very much.
Sometime more than driving it!
Gonzalo Ramos

Now is the time to buy your second one (once you've gotten the bug)!
Mike Ellsmore

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