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MG MGA - Rear Drum Brakes


I have re-built my rear drum brakes on my '58 Roadster and have encountered a problem.

I have made sure that the brake cylinder moves freely in the slot and it adequately lubricated. Once the pads and springs are on I can move the cylinder up and down with my thumb so it is moving.

However, when I test it by pulling on the handbrake cable, the top pad is pushed up towards the drum but there is no movement whatsoever from the bottom pad.

Will there be movement in both pads only when the drum is on and if not can anyone tell me why the cylinder only pushes the top pad up..?

Ignore the fact that the springs are on the outside in this picture, I have now put them back where they should be ...

Aleks Stojanovic

Hi Aleks,

Short answer is yes both shoes will move when the drum is on. As the top shoe contacts the drum it forces the lower shoe into contact.

AR Terry

I'm not sure if it makes a difference but my understanding was that both springs attached to the shoes from the rear - see attached picture.



When the hb cable is pulled, it clamps the cylinder to the backplate so I guess friction holds it there. As long as the wheel is held, so what?
Art Pearse

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