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MG MGA - Reassembly tips or hints

I'm going to be reassembling the engine next week end and I thought I'd take a week to collect any little tips or hints you all may have.

1) Install cork main bearing cap seals before the end plate goes on.

2)Orient flywheel per manual

What else?

Any hints for getting the rings on the pistons?

T McCarthy

By the tool for the rings! It really sucks when one breaks. If it does there is a place in Michigan (were Moss gets there’s) that you can buy one. Keep every thing clean, clean, clean! Make sure all the clearance gaps are correct on piston rings and thrust bearings to name a few. When you install the trust bearings wack the crank with a mallet on each end to move the crank within the new tight thrust bearings. turn crank on each tightening of the bearing caps. Don't skimp, buy new oil pump and get the good viton oil seals for the valves.
Good Luc!

WMR Bill


Can you supply mame for company that has the rings. I have an incomplete set for an MGA.
conrad sanders

Try this site. There called Hastings Pison Rings.
WMR Bill

OK, lets try again. Try
WMR Bill

This thread was discussed on 18/09/2008

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