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MG MGA - Removing the master cylinder?

Any tips on removing the master cylinder to give an overhaul?
What is the correct size flare nut spanner for this job (a 7/16 open ended spanner is very tight on the nut)?
Is the way to remove the MC is to firstly undo the brake pipe from the 4-way union then remove the MC with brake pipe attached (getting a spanner down there looks difficult)?
Mike Ellsmore


I am sure there are a few ways that will work. For me, I remove the pushrods, the anchor bolts, then pull the whole unit forward to access the pipe attachments. There is enough flexibility in the pipes to do this.

You can in fact change all the seals without removing the pipes by tilting the MC backwards, then remove the front cover etc (having first sucked out as much fluid as possible). This method sometimes obviates the need for bleeding the system afterwards. I have tried both methods, but tend to go for full removal so that it is easier to play with on the bench.

Steve Gyles

Mike, To re-rubber the MC just tilt as per photo -- to remove, follow Steve's suggestion above.


Barry Gannon

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