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MG MGA - Replacement headlights

One my standard style, sealed beam headlights just went out. Any suggestions on replacement upgrades? Moss has a couple of flavors of Halogen headlights, and I am sure that there are others as well.

Do the replacement halogen lamps require a different pigtail?

Thanks, John

jjb Backman

Unless you are looking for something very special (and expensive), GE or Sylvania halogen sealed beams from a local discount department store work quite well, and are probably under $10 each. They are a HUGE improvement over the original incandescent lamps (like anyone still has those). They mount in the original buckets and plug into the original sockets. At 55 to 65 watts max on high beam they are not so power hungry as to need a generator or wiring upgrade. I've been using them for many years and am quite happy with the results.

As a side note, I believe 100 watt headlamps are illegal for on-road use in Illinois, and maybe every other state in the USA. In normal use, 100 watt bulbs of the original size and style in the original location are not likely to get you ticketed, unless you were stopped for some other reason and were aggravating some hard nose cop. For the most part cops are happy if you just have two headlamps the actually work. One burned out or one very dim or one badly misaligned is an attractive nuisance and a cop magnet. So if you want to use something slightly illegal, be sure to keep them in good working condition and properly aligned.
Barney Gaylord

I've had a set of Wipac (H4 bulb) headlights since my car got back on the road and I've been very happy with them. I got them from Moss.
David Breneman

I used 100 watt bulbs in a pair of H4 headlights and had to replace the light switch, after the second one, went to 55/65 watt bulbs--trouble free since.
David Werblow

I went to Napa Auto and they only had one kind that would fit. They were halogens and only $8 each. Like Barney said, they were a vast improvement.
Darian Henderson

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