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MG MGA - Reuse of silicone

Is there any issues in reusing old silicone for re-bleeding brakes that has been kept sealed for about 9 months?
J H Cole

Never reuse any brake fluid.
R J Brown

What do you mean by reusing? If it has been in the braking system then it is no longer "clean" and therefore should not be reused. If you are talking about left over fluid that has not been used but was opened 9 months ago, then no problem.
N McGurk

Sorry, should have made the question clear and not used the 'reuse' term: the brake fluid in question is the remaining fluid in an opened clear bottle left over from the last brake bleeding operation. It has stood for about 9 months. The only change that I can see is that its colour has darkened somewhat and I wondered if this is due to exposure to daylight? On the basis that silicone does not absorb water should it not be still suitable for use?
J H Cole

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