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MG MGA - Ring gear

Is this gear servicable or toast ? Can I smooth out the rough bits with a file?

Art Pearse

Another pic. The worst part.

Art Pearse

Doesn't look too bad Art, but difficult to tell from a picture. If you have removed your flywheel why not take it to your local friendly machine shop and see what they think, it's what I did and they said change it!
Lindsay Sampford

Looks OK to me. If you fit a new gear the leading edges will soon be worn the same.
The wear on the edges could in fact give a smoother engagement of the pinion.

M F Anderson

In the past I've replaced ringgear when the starter was getting jammed in it. When I removed it about half the width of the teeth had some damage. My two cents would be yours are ok, unless you are having related problems. Bob

Thanks all. I've never started this motor yet, it hasn't run for 25 years. I think I will try and smooth off the rough edges.
Art Pearse

Bad looks like this:

Barney Gaylord

This ring gear looks great, reuse as is.
You will notice that the wear is only in 2 places and that one is about double the other. The engine stops in 2 places and more in one than the other. A lightly worn ring gear can be removed and re installed 90 degrees off to double its life. As long as is is not totally gone turning it will extend its service life considerably.
R J Brown

I thought you had to chisel cut it to remove the ring.
Art Pearse

Can you rotate the flywheel 60 or 120 deg to the same effect, or is this going to affect balance? I see there is a 1/4 mark on the edge, and I also match marked the wheel & crank when i dismantled it.
Art Pearse

No you can't rotate the flywheel as this will affect the engine balance which in effect means that the ring cannot be turned. Now I think that your ring is toast bearing in mind the price of a new one and balancing that with all the inconvenience of having to replace it at some future point. Frankly I'd replace it.
Iain MacKintosh

I have happily removed and replaced different flywheels over the years without any attention to marks on the flywheel or crank or balancing them. My engines have always run smoothly without any problems (not counting the one where the con rod failed and put a hole in the block). I reckon you could put them on almost any configuration you like and it would be just fine for non-race use.

dominic clancy

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