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MG MGA - Rip off Moss exchange rates

I am in the process of rebuilding yet another gearbox, and have a long list of parts to buy from Moss.

I was looking for the special layger kit 22H54K, which is not listed in the UK site, and went looking at the US site. I was astonished to find the pricing varied from 499 USD in the USA, to 251 USD in Moss France, to 269 USD in the UK

All the prices are without sales tax / VAT / TVA

It makes sense to compare the different sites from the same supplier - I can't believe that shipping and customs will double the price from Paris to the USA

Dominic Clancy

...and if we buy from the US, they add 20% for VAT/TVA and ridiculous shipping charges - of course you can always go to the owners club and get shoddy badly made gear that requires work. Always best to get your OE kit repaired or remade by people you trust.

Roger Walker

I query the need for double / double length bearings at the rear end of the laygear, the main loading is at the front end and it is there that better support is needed.

Layshaft quality is more of an issue and I do wonder if a better solution would be to use a cylindrical roller bearing at the front end that was larger in diameter and had inner & outer races rather than relying on the shaft and laygear to act as races for the rollets.

Moss UK IS showing the kit at 250.99 inc taxes.

Glad to see that you are feeling well enough to get your hands dirty again!
Chris at Octarine Services

This thread was discussed on 27/11/2019

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