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MG MGA - Rivers Fletcher PRX 14 car for sale

Looks very nice, but the VW taillights would have to go

Price: Offers Considered - Reg No: PRX 14- Chassis No: HMD 13/53352 - engine No:Test Engine STD Bore

Ashridge Automobiles is proud to offer the ex Rivers Fletcher, ex Works Development MGA Coupe. Probably the best known most iconic 'A' on the market. At the present time PRX 14 is offered for sale to the serious collector and prospective buyers may be vetted before sale to ensure the car remains in its present form!

PRX 14 is instantly recognisable to thousands of enthusiasts. It has been featured in countless articles and books and was a regular competitior at Prescott Hill Climb. It owes much of its prominence to A.F Rivers Fletcher, the car's former long term owner.

This car has a great claim to MGA history. PRX 14, an Abingdon works registration, was affixed to a 1958 MGA Coupe as a "demonstration car for the MG Car Company LTD, Abingdon.". When the need to improve the performance of the MGA became apparent PRX 14 became the test vehicle and the test 1600 engine and uprated brakes together with various underbonnet mods were installed, which remain to this day. It is certain that the first 1558 B Series engine was fitted to this car.
The next owner will receive from the present one a plethora of books, articles, pictures and documentation about PRX 14 and its works history, its prototype role and its drivers including Jack Sears and Nancy Mitchell.
Rivers Fletcher fell in love with the little car admiring its turn of speed and taut handling. He travelled extensively around the UK using the car for his lectures and film shows. It is fitted with many of his individual touches such as MK2 Grille, Mota Lita steering wheel and boot rack, not to mention Rivers' revered BRDC Badge (with the family as not allowed to pass it on. All other badges remain with car as does Rivers' throttle stick! ).

On offer for the first time in nearly 2 decades this car represents instant eligibility for some of the car world's most prestigious events, be they rally, race or hill climb.
dominic clancy

This had a silly price on it before, great history, but otherwise...
Neil McGurk

The tail lights are not even level. Aaagh.

Matthew Magilton

I agree, the tail lights do indeed look awful, but I can see why the change was made, im forever getting stick from other road users who cant see my indicators(57 mk1) on a bright day.
I have recently bought a pair of chrome bullet type lights which I intend to mount on brackets below the originals to act as indicators,(unless of course someone has a better idea). vin
V Rafter

VW lights on a 1500 plniths with a MKII grill, repainted car with blue paint and a black engine compartment with a red radiator. Makes you wonder what this thing really is.
JP Jim

Pardon a dumb Yank's ignorance, but what exactly is a "revered BRDC badge?"

Steve Brandt

Never mind... Google to the rescue:'-Club-(BRDC)-member's-badge--1930's.HTML

Steve Brandt

"Revered" notwithstanding, this badge sure appears to be a hot eBay item:

Can anyone shed some light on why this particular badge is so desirable?

Steve Brandt

Obviously a market for good repros! Are you listening in Taiwan?
Neil McGurk

BRDC ....

Membership status-

The BRDC's membership was initially restricted to experienced and successful drivers, and remains strict to this day. Full membership status is offered only to those who are judged to have been successful at an international level for a number of seasons. Full membership has been awarded to every British or Commonwealth Formula One World Champion. Associate status is awarded to those who have made a significant contribution to motorsport. Honorary membership may be awarded in special cases, such as a notable World Champion who may not otherwise qualify.
Geoff Everitt

Hello, I wonder if anyone knows the current owner of this car? I believe it to be someone called Mike Peters. My Dad was the first private owner in 1962 and I'd love to pass on some photos.
Sally Irvine

It might be worth contacting Common Lane Restorations.
Dave O'Neill 2

Thank you! Have done.
Sally Irvine

Thanks Sally for your continued input on PRX 14.

I have seen your comments about it on the the MG Experience Forum today too and I was really impressed that you went to the trouble of opening a membership on there just to keep us all updated.

Thanks from all of us

Colyn Firth

For those that donít know about this MGA
Mike Ellsmore

As I thought some might be interested, a few old pictures of this famous MGA. The first (unfortunately not the greatest quality photo!) taken when it belonged to my Dad in 1962 in it's original Mineral Blue with steel wheels and Mk 1 Grille. The other when it belonged to Rivers Fletcher with it's new paintwork, wire wheels and Mk 2 Grille. All photos courtesy of Robin Irvine.

Sally Irvine

And one final photo of the car when it belonged to Rivers Fletcher.

Sally Irvine

I remember going to a couple of Rivers slide show talks (one in Cambridge and another in Harpenden) where he turned up in PRX 14.
John Bray

I have now tracked down the current owner so am pleased to say the car's first and last owner are now in touch with each other. Pretty amazing for a 62 year old car!
Sally Irvine

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