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MG MGA - Roadworthy Certs in Victoria

Putting Mgas on the a side for a minute ( difficult given the name of this site) I have just bought a partially restored and roadworthy 1974 Jeep cj6 ( LWB version ). It has current reg and certs for Queensland but it is being shipped down south right now and I need to reg it etc in Victoria. Any advice on process and whree to find a garage In Melbourne for the roadworthy cert..someone who looks on classics with a expert and empathetic eye.
Wont mention the jeep again..promise!!
Neil Ferguson

I guess there is a slight connection between cars of the MGA era and the Jeep in that most of them had Just Enough engineered Parts (JEEP).

Steve Gyles

Steve...apparently the origin of Jeep is the abbreviation of General Purpose ie GP . I bought this beastie sight unseen on Ebay at what I hope was a good price and go to collect from road transport today. Previous owner has fitted moon walker tyres and a ford V8 5.8.....also it looks like I'll need sunglasses to look at it ( called Jeep orange) is. Attach a pic I have complimentary cars.. Beauty(mga) and the Beast. I always wanted one and I'll now be able to drive in a straight line across Oz.

Neil Ferguson

You are not thinking of bringing this beastie to the next Observed Section Trial are you Neil?


Matthew Magilton

..think the mgs will fit under the Jeep so we can have an upper and lower race...
Never thought of my mga as a mud wrestler though..but the Jeep with the moon tyres..yarooo!! Off in 1hr to collect and hope it as it was advertised. Got to love old cars!!
Expecting a stickler to complain soon about this thread!!
Any advice on a good place for an understanding roadworthy tester?
Neil Ferguson

No complaints here. Pulled my MG home with my Jeep once when the rotor shorted out.The best of both worlds-
gary starr

A number of folks have made the argument that the original Jeep was America's sports car in the 1950s. An article in Skinned Knuckles magazine went so far as to point out the similar specifications of the old Army Jeep and the MGTC - overall size & weight, live axles on leaf springs, separate fenders, small four-banger, soft top, fold down windscreen - and suggest that the Jeep was the roadster that WWII American soldiers in England fell in love with first.

My Jeep towed my MGA all the way from Portland, Oregon, to Anchorage, Alaska. It is a relatively modern Cherokee, though - the live front axle is suspended on coil springs.


k v morton


Your GP sounds totally logical. Nevertheless, I was told the 'Just Enough Engineered Parts (JEEP)' version by someone with historic knowledge in the UK armoured vehicle industry.

There again, this may be another example of myth becoming fact over the years. Perhaps one of our American colleagues can enlighten us.

Steve Gyles

The Jeep was designed by and the first few built by American Bantam in Butler, Pennsylvania until production was taken over by Ford and Willys.

American Bantam was the reconstructed American Austin company who made licence built versions of the Austin 7 between 1930 and 1934 so it could just be argued that the Jeep has British roots.

Malcolm Asquith

Steve..GP was from Wikipedia ...the source of much of my bumf nowadays..but who knows .....
Just collected and drove around in Melbourne rush hour..strange experience but not unpleasant after MGA and diesel Nissan Xtrail.latter is my wifes truck.
Neil Ferguson

I have a mechanic that calls them Just Empty Every Pocket
R J Brown

According to a Consumer Reports survey I read a few years ago, Jeeps had a higher than average rate of problems, but also a higher than average rate of owner satisfaction. BMW also exhibited that trait, but some of the very reliable makes had a lower than average rate of owner satisfaction. It seems that people will put up with problems if they otherwise like the car, and that reliability is not the sole source of motoring satisfaction. It's probably not coincidental that a number of my friends also own both Jeeps and MGs. And it's true that the Jeep does have some British roots.


k v morton

Neil assuming it has a blue plate fitted there should be no problem with the engine conversion
Mark Mathiesen

Mark. it has three plates fitted ..and one is blue... thank ye gods!!..but the ridiculous different state systems and dismissal of all other standards except the parochial does not help ( also love the stamp duty they get you to pay)..Time for a national system but the states fight for their retrograde incomes fro such so..
Just been out for a drive in the Jeep..just a wee bit different from the handling, distance from the centre of the earth etc.
I will phone around to find a tester who knows which way is up with an old much modified Jeep.
..below is pic of the beastie's motor...Ford V8 5.8lt

Neil Ferguson

Hi Neil,
You could try M.G.C.C. member Richard Milligan.
He runs Morris Garages and used to hold an RWC licence. I haven't spoken to him for a while so not sure if he is still operating.
R Somerville

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