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MG MGA - Running hot.....Part 2

I removed the radiator and ran water through it pretty hard. It looks clean. I took out the thermostat and ran water through it, too, until the water coming out was clear.
I was able to move the engine block drain plug handle, but NO WATER came out, nothing drained from there. That's not right, is it? I'm wondering if it clogged there. Also, no water came through the hoses that go to the heater. Should it have come out there?
J Weiss

The block drain is vary commonly blocked with rust, etc. Remove the plug/drain from the block and start with trying to clear the passage into the block. The drain is at the bottom of a narrow channel that goes in about a 3/4" and up between 10-2 o'clock. I used screwdrivers and bent wires to clear my 1500. (Every couple years on that engine.) The 1800 took a hand twisted drill bit down from the top to clear it.

Attached image shows the drain hole with the tip of the 1/4" long drill bit. It was inserted through a rear water hole in the top of the block. The rust blockage of the drain was about 1" deep and very hard.

I have also had a heater valve completely blocked. The heater valve is very easily contaminated and blocked so remove it and check.

A plugged heater and drain can be cleared, but you have a clear indication that you have block rust accumulation internally. The ultimate fix will eventually require a major bare block professional cleaning. (The overheating may then be solved).


Jim Ferguson

This thread was discussed on 08/08/2009

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