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MG MGA - Scarborough Faire

Do they have their own parts sourced or are they predominately a Moss reseller?

I know from recent experience that their tie rod ends are not Moss.
Tysen McCarthy

Scarborough Faire is not a Moss Re seller. They make most of their specialty parts and sometimes you will their part in Moss or VB. Make sure what you order is what you want as they sometimes they are hard on returns

You can sometimes find the parts that SF allegedly has made "exclusively" for themselves on UK sites such as NTG and others if you are willing to put in some time searching supplier websites and using search engines.

And yes, forget about ever getting a refund from them, whether the error is yours or theirs. If you must do business with them, by all means use a credit card.

D Rawlins

NOS Locators on eBay is also SF. I also stress you must use a credit card as they are absolutely terrible with refunds or returns if a part doesn't fit or is the wrong spec. even of it is entirely their own fault.

Based on my experience I would steer WELL clear.
Dominic Clancy

That's disappointing about SF. Things have been off with Moss recently. Simple thing are just out of spec.

I have some more major projects coming up and I'm not overly confident about the parts.
Tysen McCarthy

I have found SF parts to be at least as good, if not better than Moss parts. Advice is always freely given and useful (If you need advice, it is often helpful to gather as much information from the many sources available).

I can't comment on problems with returns - being so far away, postage makes it less viable on the odd occasion when something isn't right with any supplier, however, Cecelia has sent replacement parts to remedy problems on a couple of occasions.

Mark Wellard

I've dealt with Cecelia and SF for over 10 years and have nothing but good things to say about them (though I've not had to return anything yet).

On several occasions she has talked me out of buying something from her and given me advice on how to fix the existing part or problem.

- Ken
KR Doris

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