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MG MGA - Seat Covers

My coupe seats have long needed replacement and I wondered if any UK members have recent experience with with any upholstery companies. Am I write in thinking that the coupe red seat colour was fairly bright red and not the duller red that you sometimes see? I've spoken with the firm 'MGbits4U' and they seem reasonable but comments from anyone with direct experience would be appreciated.
J H Cole

Hi you could try these people I got new door panels made by them and they were vey good

g c pugh

a pic that might be of some use showing the new door panels matching what I believe might be original trim


g c pugh

I'd recommend Moto-Build. Much closer to you and you can go and see what they have to offer. First rate quality, and you can choose any colour combination you want. I have bought all my trim from them for years.
dominic clancy

Gordon, the interior of your car is gorgeous. Just hope mine comes out as nice.

Andy 60 Coupe almost
Andy Preston

Hi Andy I think it lasted so well because the first owner had the car for so long 59-81 and the second owner 81-92 and both of them I think looked after the car, usualy there would have been dozens of owners during that time , it has 117,000 miles from new on the clock and still has the original engine with it


g c pugh

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