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MG MGA - seat rail T - nuts

Related to the Floorboards thread, I'm doing the same installation work that Barry is now doing. I needed all new floorboards, so I have to put the seat rail T - nuts into the floorboards. The repro ones I have from CSR are round except for a flat on one side. What is the purpose of the flat?

Thanks, George
G Goeppner

Hi George

It could be the flat is for when they turn in the wood, you can get a spanner on them. I am using nuts and bolts plus a 1 inch flat washer (PWZ304) on the wood side,

B Bridgens

Hi Barry. I considered that, but there is only one flat, so a spanner can't easily grip it. Also, there are three small holes around the circumference, which I assume are for wood screws, to hold them for that purpose. I don't intend to install the wood screws, too much work!
G Goeppner

I think that the flat is to stop it turning on assembly in a D-shaped recess, U-rail or similar.

The original fixings also had three holes and they were secured to the floor boards through these with upholstery tacks. The original boards also appear to have been recessed slightly for these captive fixings.
N McGurk

Neil, that would make sense. The original floorboards must have had a D-shaped recess that would help to prevent turning, along with the tacks. Thanks!

G Goeppner

George, the original fixings do not have the flat and are slightly smaller. They have small spikes to grip the wood and I guess the tacks were put in afterwards. Attached is a picture of the CSR part against the original.

N McGurk

Nice picture. I believe the depression in the wood is not originally machined, but it is caused by tightening the bolt, and settling over some decades of use. It is common for the flange to have three little spikes to dig into the wood to prevent turning while tightening the bolt. The tacks would be to prevent it from falling out when the bolt is removed. If they have longer tabs they don't need the tacks.

McMaster-Carr has them with 14-20 threads, long prongs, no tacks, as cheap as $0.09 in packs of 100. Picture attached.

Barney Gaylord

Thanks Neil. Yes, the CSR part shown is what I have. I wonder why Todd put a flat on it....
G Goeppner

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