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MG MGA - Sebring front valance

Can anyone mail a picture of the sebring front valance / other (race) front valances for an MGA ?

Hi Henri,
If you would like a different photo angle, let me know.


C M Harter

Good afternoon Chris and thanks for the picture.

What is the part numbrer of this valance ? is it the standard one ?



Great looking car. What is the paint code and brand? I'm collecting info on nice BRG paint jobs.

Thanks much,
Steve Brandt

One more BRG A. This is a Etype Jag color from the 60s.

k brown

Hi Henri,
When I bought mine a few years ago it was cheaper with shipping to get it from your side of the pond. I got it from MGOC @

Hi Steve,
The paint is Martin Senour
Color # 98P 5263
Color code 46WA 7156
Dark Woodland Green
Note: I added 11 oz. of black to above color/per gal. to get my color.

C M Harter

Take care though with big wheels.

I fitted one and when I reversed up the tire caught it and it snapped.

I do have 6 inch rims with 205/60/15 race tyres though, but it was quite close even with the standard 4inch rims...


Mark Hester


I'm thinking of fitting a sebring valance to mine, could anyone tell me if I need to remove the bumper irons that are part of the front frame?


Grant :-)
G Hudson

You shouldn't have to remove the bumper supports, the valence fits in place of the original part, just doesn't have the recess at the top for the bumper.
Bill Young

The sebring valance has no holes, so you need to cut off the two centre mounts for the bumper - the outer ones bolt onto the chassis and can just be removed.
dominic clancy

Dominic's correct and don't use the metal valance as a template, as it sits an inch further out.

I was since told they come with a fitting kit, but I was not offered this from MGOC.

Mark Hester

Here is one of the original (1960 I believe)Sebring cars, taken at GT-32. Note that they used the standard valance.Sorry it's not the best pic of the valance but that's not what I was shooting for.


Rich McKIe

For a pic of a valance that is more what you have in mind see my post in the "MGA Smooth Front Valance" thread. With that one he left the front bumper bolts in place.

Rich McKIe

I suppose I should weigh in on this subject as I have a Sebring team car. Rich correctly points out that the 1960 cars used the stock steel front valance. The 1959 cars also used this and actually ran with full bumpers. It was only in 1961 that the cars sported a unique front valance, made of alloy, for 1962 it was back to a cut down stock valance. I have included a composite photo of several variations of works competition front valances. The top left is my car and if you look carefully you will see that it does not follow the body contour the way the Moss fiberglass one does. There is a flat horizontal area created where the valance follows a continuous arch from the curvature of the front surround out to the outer edge of the front wing just below the running lamp. The red car is the body of 151ABL which is the 1962 MKII Monte Carlo/Tulip Rally car. It used the identical valance as my car. One difference is that the Sebring cars had quick lift jacks fitted and two sight holes were cut in valance at the track in 1961 so the quick lift jack blades could be seen by the mechanics. For 1962 the valance was steel and made by cutting down a stock item. The blades for the quick lift jacks hung down below the bottom edge and were easy to see. The 3rd car is YRX310,the ex Bob Oltoff racer, which has the same front valance as the '62 Sebring cars. Finally the last car is EX182 with its two piece alloy valance which does follow the body contours. It is my theory that the bottom half was cut from an alloy pressing made with the body tooling for the soon to be introduced production car, since if it were all had fabricated why two pieces? One other thing to note is that the special works valances have no external mounting screws, the metal strip that runs behind the valance with numerous caged nuts has been cut almost completely away on my car and the alloy valance attaches with sheet metal screws that run vertically up into the radiator splash panel and front wings. The front extension of the chassis with the bumper mounts is cut off just forward of the two front body mounts and an additional cross member is fitted which has the quick lift blades on it. All in all, unless you want to make major irreversible changes to the car, the moss valance with exposed mounting screws is the easiest way to go. Leave the two inboard bumper mounts sticking through and use them to mount driving lamps.



Frank Graham

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