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MG MGA - Semi On Topic-International Drive Your Triumph Day

International Drive Your Triumph Day

Today is International Drive Your Triumph Day so naturally I had to take the MGA Mk.II out for a spin. My MGA, two Jags and one lone TR-6 started out from my Brown Building and headed north up the Grade to Saluda for some Green River BBQ. The TR-6 did a pretty good job of hugging my tail but the V-12 Jags corner like an arrow with a very heavy arrowhead. Nonetheless, we all arrived at GRBBQ at about noon and had a really good lunch.

The plan was to meet up with another group down on Hwy. 11 at 2:30 and we were running about an hour ahead of schedule. Nothing else for it but to take the long way through Flat Rock to the rendezvous point. This beautiful drive (did I mention that the day was severe clear with temps in the mid to high 50s F) consumed only about an extra 30 minutes but the rendezvous point was a great place to break out chairs and a cold adult bev.

Shortly the other group (a TR-3, three TR-6s and two MG midgets) arrived and picture taking commenced (see pic 1 above). From here we continued west on Hwy. 11 to Table Rock State Park for another photo op (see pic 2 above).

We headed back through Pumpkintown on Hwy. 288 to Marietta and then on 414 back to the Brown Building where another cold adult beverage was calling my name.

Way to go Triumph Guys, it was a wonderful 100 mile drive on an absolutely glorious day. Ill find out when Cecil Kimbers birthday is and yall can join me for an International Drive Your MG Day. It will be Safety Fast!!


ps: The person in the foreground of pic 1 doesn't really look like that. I was using the pano feature on my phone and she was moving. She's really a quite nice looking lady.

J K Chapin

We also stopped for a photo op at a roadside waterfall. That's my polar bear passenger sitting on the passenger door.

J K Chapin

And one more of me at Table Rock.

J K Chapin

Great pictures Jud!

Melon and I spent a couple of days in a cabin in Table Rock State Park in the fall of 2018, but drove a modern car in order to haul our hiking and fishing gear.

You live in a beautiful area and are also blessed to have a group of local enthusiasts to ride with!

We hope to get Melon's A up there sometime soon...

- Ken
KR Doris

Great story/pics ,thanks Jud
William Revit

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