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MG MGA - Serial numbers & paint types ?


Does anyone know how many MGA's were painted in anything but cellulose (as identified on the second number on the serial number).

My 1958 coupe TheOldLady I think was delivered in primed. It also has no paint colour. See attached.

By the way have replaced all bar one wire in the ignition circuit and upon starting she's still very sluggish, but starts.

Think battery or starter motor are the problem, will test the battery and when I get the time.

Have a great 2015, Matthew.

M Elliott

It's a long way from the battery to the starter motor, so MGAs are not quite so lively in turning the engine over on the starter as cars with a battery right next to the starter motor. But lots of other things can give you a lazy starter motor. Top of the list is the battery, try substituting another battery or connect jump-leads to another car to see if it makes a difference. Check the connections on the batteries (if you are standard, there are four of them!) And the connections to both sides of the starter switch. The earth connection from battery to chassis must be clean, shiny metal and the earth strap from engine to chassis likewise. And finally, the starter switch, particularly if it is a cheap modern replacement, is prone to go high resistance.
Lindsay Sampford

Matthew. Has your car spent all its time in the UK? Or has it been brought back from the likes of South Africa etc, where it was more common for cars to be sent abroad in a 'knocked down' state and in primer. It is unusual for a UK car to be supplied in primer, although Clausager states: "A few MGAs were supplied in primer (an allowance was made on the purchase price!) to enable owners to have the car sprayed in special colours......."

Steve Gyles

Hi Steve

The previous owner had photo-copies of all the old V5's / log books.

These indicate that she's always been in the UK (and painted black).

The numbers match so I don't think that the identification plate is an incorrect copy.

Not sure I want to pay for a heritage certificate to resolve but may have to.

M Elliott

Hi Lindsay

Thanks for the advice.

Do plan on borrowing a power pack too help eliminate some parts of the circuit, bypassing the battery and connections etc.

Will have to meet up this year with other MGA's to compare.

Once started and stopped resetting is very easy.

I had thought of the switch but thought nothing would work if the diaphragms or it were faulty.

M Elliott

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