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MG MGA - Shift Lever Question, Transmission Number Trivia

I am in the process of replacing my clutch and going thru my transmission.

First a question - the shift lever is grooved where the ball hits it (see picture). I am assuming I should weld it up, file back to round, and probably turn the lever around. Is this correct? Both levers I have have the groove and it appears to wear, not original design.

Trivia time - My transmission case is stamped 4 Oct 1957 JB and numbered CM 3464. I looked at a spare I have parted and it also is stamped 4 Oct 1957 JB - kinda strange to hit two cases made the same day! It's number is CM 1685 - not even close. So much for anything rational with transmission case numbers. Both cases are identical low starters.


Bill Haglan

You could just turn the shift lever around 180 degrees and continue to use it with the anti-vibration detent bearing on the other side of the ball.

Some years ago, one day when I may have been missing the little ball, I installed a short piece of brass rod stock in place of the ball, cylindrical same diameter as the ball and flat on both ends, longest piece I could squeeze in there. It works great, never wears out (between gearbox overhauls), and does not groove the shift lever ball.

As to the gearbox number, I don't think I've ever looked at that number except to take a picture for my web site. Lots of gearboxes have passed through my hands getting rebuilt and sometimes rearranged to be a different model. They are all pretty much the same inside from 1953-1867, once you match main shaft to rear housing.
Barney Gaylord

!953-1867. WOW what longevity. Or was it a case of FIDDLE FINGERITUS?
However I enjoy all the info offerred up on this BBS.

1953-1967. I have dyslexic fingers and type like crap. Even spell checkers can't catch that stuff. My "1958 MGA with an attitude" once turned into an 1959 in one message. Anyway, gearboxes haven't really changed much in 100 years have they?
Barney Gaylord


Where exactly is the stamping? I have a serial number stamped on a ground out strip on the top behind the bell housing, but none of the apparent date stamping. 1958 1500 gearbox.

Steve Gyles


The number stamping is on the flat by the dipstick on the front housing.

The date stamp is on the left side rear of the "gearbox extension" just below where the "remote control tower" is attached.

Bill Haglan

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