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MG MGA - Shipping to Australia

I thought there had been a company, mentioned on this BBS, that would pick up in UK, pack and send overseas. Does anyone recall this? I try to keep important information like thishandy but my filing has let me down. Ta BJ

Would be good but I cannot remember such a company being mentioned. I also find that all the companies in UK I have dealt with ( even on Ebay UK) have recognised that there are places outside Uk that people and MGAs inhabit.and they must deal with.
The big problem is on the other side of the Atlantic where the same recognition does not always exist.
Neil Ferguson

Are you wanting to ship a complete car or just some parts?
Malcolm Asquith

I have imported three MG's from the UK as well as my own MGA there and back. There are many firms in the UK (or there used to be!) who will ship cars to Oz but prices vary considerably. When over there I have looked up the yellow pages (or their equivalent) and rang and asked the firms for quotes. Twice (I think) they were roll-on roll-off (not sure this is still done but cheapest and less drama as long as the car is driveable) but also in containers (not cheap unless the forwarders can put other stuff in but then there are still issues such as paying for staging ie building up a frame over the car, etc). Duty can also be expensive but rates vary from time to time and cars over thirty years old(?) may only be subject to sales tax. There have been few (if any ) cars worth importing in recent times (rust and corrosion and general condition and/or standard of restoration is almost always an issue) but with the strength of the Aussie dollar perhaps things have changed.
Barry Bahnisch

If it is just parts I use Interparcel.

Colin Parkinson

It is a gearbox but the owner wants local pickup only. BJ

This thread was discussed on 14/05/2010

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