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MG MGA - Shock mount shims

I am renewing the rubbers in my front suspension at the same time I am renewing my engine bay. I removed the driver side shock absorber today and I noticed the two outer studs each has a shim underneath. Has anyone seen them or know why they are used under the mounting plate?

Stephen Lofaro

Shimming the outboard two screws tilts the shock body and moves the shaft center line slightly inboard. That would change the wheel camber slightly.
Barney Gaylord

Think it gives slight negative camber, better for fast corners. Usual way these days is to fit longer bottom wishbone arms.

Common mod on Spridgits was to put 1/8" washer under the shocks to provide negative camber.

J Bray

How does shimming the outer studs move the centre line laterally, of any significance? Don't make sense!
Art Pearse

The center line of the shock pivot shaft is higher than the bottom mounting surface., so when you tilt the shock body the shaft ends up slightly more inboard (as well as a slightly higher).

It doesn't move much, and I would not call it a significant camber change for competition, but it may be just enough to eliminate a slight pull to one side in the steering. Some front end alignment specialists are pretty sharp with such minor adjustments.
Barney Gaylord

I had done the front suspension as the first repair to my car in 1975, with help from my mentor in Sausalito, CA, Herman Steinberg. Strangely, I don't recall Herman indicating he was placing them in or describing their utility to me. However, the car has always run DEAD STRAIGHT since that rebuild. I will be leaving those shims right where I found them! What a hobby!

Simi Valley, CA
Stephen Lofaro

Good idea. If it ain't broke.....
Art Pearse

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