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MG MGA - Sierra 5-speed and speedometer needle flutter.

Hi all;
Ever since installing the 5-speed, the speedometer needle flickers up and down a bit. The cable is firmly attached to both gearbox and speedometer.
Any thoughts on why and/or a fix for this? Thanks.
Rick deOlazarra

It depends on the cable routing - the bends need to be really gentle - any tight curves will cause the needle to flutter.
Chris at Octarine Services

Lubricate cable?
Barry Gannon

Thanks Chris, Barry; will check routing & lubrication.
Rick deOlazarra

How long have you had the conversion Rick. Early conversion kits circa 2000 had adapted ford inner cables inside MGA outers. The inner cable was fractionally too small a diameter resulting in the cable winding up inside the outer, then releasing. The result was a badly flickering needle. The latest cables have remedied the issue. I had exactly that problem so speaking from experience.

Steve Gyles

Steve; thanks for the feedback... the kit was installed in early 2005, but could've been sitting on a shelf for awhile. It came from Quantum Mechanics in Connecticut.
If the problem persists after checking the routing & lubrication, do you recall how you obtained a workable cable? (Quantum Mechanics never responded to my communications after purchase)
Rick deOlazarra

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