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MG MGA - sill protector

Has anyone ever used some kind of protective transparent plastic cover to put on to the top surface of the sills to prevent damage to the paint there.
Whenever I unfasten the seat belt the buckle always seems to fall sharp corner first onto the sill top and take a chip out of it.
I suppose I could take a bit more care with the belt but those lift buckles tend to fly away when you unfasten them.
My first mga had some thin chrome metal plates on the sill upper surface which looked ok to me at the time but looking back, they were probably covering up the rust holes!
colyn firth

There are companies that install plastic on car hoods and bumpers to stop tone chips which would work for your sills. I purchased the aluminum sill protectors from Moss and quite like them.
Kris Sorensen

3M makes a protective clear self adhesive coating (that does not yellow when exposed to sunlight )This is what most company use for paint protection on the nose or rocker panels of cars. (I dont know the commercial name of the material but it is designed to prevent the paint from chips from flying rocks and road debris. I have also bought the fined aluminum rocker protection for my "A"
Chris Velardi


Search eBay for 3M 8 MIL SCOTCHGARD PAINT PROTECTION. You can buy it in bulk or pre-cut for specific models. I have installed kits and self cut pieces on a couple of my cars, including on the sills and painted bumpers. Small pieces are very easy to install and with some practice I have done the hoods as well. Thin strips can be wrapped around door and hood edges.

At least one of the eBay sellers has an online installation video. You will need a stiff plastic squeege and a couple of spray bottles for the installation.

I have had it on my MDX for 5 years with no change in color or peeling. I would suggest letting new paint fully cure before installing.

jjb Backman

Hi Colyn, I make sure I take the belt off and put it on with the door shut, just a simple solution to the problem. When we had our midget, my wife tried to reverse out of the garage with the door open, made quite a mess and I can't think of protector you could fit to stop that happening. If that wasn't bad enough, a couple of years later she performed a similar trick with the same car, this time involving the gate post! So I guess the answer is, whenever you get in a car, don't do anything else until you have shut the door!
Lindsay Sampford

Check with your local sign shop. My of them now use computerized letter cutters that use 3m materials on a roll. They may be willing to sell you a few feet of cut off from the end of the roll.
Keith Lowman

Thanks Lindsay, It must say something about me that i open the door and only then remember that i am wearing the seat belt!

At least I remember to put it on.

As a newly qualified grandparent I suppose i should be grateful that I still remember to go to the toilet!

Some really helpfull suggestions thanks everyone, I think I will try one of the transparent film ideas.

colyn firth

Colyn - You could try this ebay listing for a large sheet of plastic film - ebay uk number 250515368237.
I have spotted a deep scratch on my passenger sill - perhaps I should ask my passengers to take their shoes off - cheers Cam
Cam Cunningham

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