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MG MGA - Skimmed front brake drum

Hi all,

the right wheel brake drum on my car seems to have been skimmed, possibly more than once. When measured the diameter was found to be 10 & 1/8 inches. In my humble opinion I think that 1/8" over the standard 10" diameter is excessive to say the least. The drum on the left measures just a shade over 10". Surely the right drum will imbalance the front brakes. Should I be thinking of replacing the right drum with a new one? If anyone here has a used wire wheel drum with near standard dimensions, and in good condition, please let me know. I tremble to think of buying a new drum. In all probability this would be very costly to buy new, and, adding the cost of shipping to Malta, it would surely be very expensive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

F. Camilleri

A new brake drum from Moss is 56. They are currently offering 15% off orders over 75, so do you need anything else?

I don't know about shipping costs, though.
Dave O'Neill 2

I run on Moss ones and they seem fine.

Paul Dean

Hi Frank
I recently bought some new rear brake drums from Moss as I had decided to replace the rear brake shoes after about 10 years use.

The drums didnt seem to have any wear (no wear ridge) but I thought I would fit new drums to get the brakes to be as good a standard as possible.

I was really surprised at the result, the brake pedal has probably lost about 1/4" of travel and have a much more solid feel.
So the brakes are now excellent, probably the best they have ever been.

So yes, the Moss brake drums seem to be pretty good.

Colyn Firth

Leacy has them for 36 GBP, and if you can get up to 60 GBP the shipping is free - why not go for a pair?

Dominic Clancy

36 + vat
Dave O'Neill 2

I forget that Malta is in the EU......
Dominic Clancy

Hi Dominic, thanks for your input to my post.
I very very much doubt that shipping a heavy item to Malta, such as a brake drum, would be free. In all probability the free shipping is only offered to customers in UK. For all intents and purposes that seems to be the norm.

F. Camilleri


I get the free shipping from Leacy on every order I place over the threshold.
Dominic Clancy

3mm? It is fine.
A Bowie

Circumference = PI X Diameter. Oversize +0.040" = +0.125" on the circumference. For rear drum brakes with one adjuster that much additional travel for the adjuster cam might be getting close to the limit of capability of the adjuster. For front drum brakes with two adjusters, it might be able to tolerate twice that much oversize of the drum (up to 0.080" oversize). Beyond that it may run out of adjustment range, in which case the adjuster cam could go over the top and snap back to zero.

Worn brake linings have the same effect, taking up some of the range of the adjuster. If it gets out of range you may have to replace the linings (or shoes) before they are completely worn out, reducing useful life of the linings.
Barney Gaylord

Commenting again on Dominic's post re shipping costs. Dominic I made an inquiry to Leacy asking for the cost of shipping qty 1 front brake drum to Malta. Their price for one drum is £43.92 and shipping comes to £37.00.
£80.92 for one drum for me is way too expensive. I am sure that Moss will be more expensive, especially on shipping. I shall put the matter on hold for the time being, both front drums are still serviceable, only one is over skimmed by 3 mm but it works fine. I shall bring one over with me the next time I visit the UK. My boys also travel to UK every now and again, and I'm sure they will also oblige.


F. Camilleri

Coincidentally, I was in Leacys this afternoon.

Did you ask them about shipping for a > 60 spend, as Dominic mentioned?

I gave my other half a set of conrods to take to Malta in her hand baggage, once. She wasn't very happy with me, as airport using airport transfers tonbridge security wanted to know what they were.
Dave O'Neill 2

Leacy charges shipping if the order value is less than 60 before VAT. It therefore makes sense to hold off ordering till enough parts are to be ordered that the threshold is met. That will save you the 37 for shipping!
Dominic Clancy

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