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MG MGA - Slide Hammer and Engine Painting

Kind Folks-

I'm having a bit of trouble finding a tool shop here in the states that acually sells a slide hammer.

Any thoughts on where I might find one?

Also, would it be a poor choice to paint the front and rear engine plate before bolting them to the engine? In a perfect world I'd strip all the paint bare, bolt everything up and I'd have an engine stand to hang the motor to paint with all the seals, gaskets, etc. in place. Alas, I have to figure out what shortcuts I can take without too much risk to poor sealing or poor looks.

Thanks for the help!
J DeRienzo

Ask for a dent pulling tool or hammer. Also check with Sears. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Try Harbour Freight
I bought both the 17 and 15 piece set - you don't use often but when you need one they are very handy!
Mike Ellsmore

The complete engine needs paint -- the special MG red.
Barry Gannon

Do not paint gasket surfaces. Also do not paint the area where starter motor mates to rear plate, as it needs electrical grounding for high current.
Barney Gaylord

Ditto Barney's comment about the starter motor mounting surface. On key turning day when restoring my '57 I discovered that bad move. You have to drain the sump again and remove the oil filter to get the starter out :>). That being said, I painted my engine assembled, except for the valve cover, which I painted off to the side to get a nicer job.

L Poupard

<<You have to drain the sump again and remove the oil filter to get the starter out>>

Do you have to remove the sump? If not, no need to drain it.
Dave O'Neill 2

You are right, I guess the bad memory made it seem like I had to drain the oil also! The filter was definitely in the way, though. It is a Moss spin on filter and adaptor. I imagine the original cartridge type might be the same problem, but not sure....

L Poupard

Harbor Freight is Where I picked up the slide hammer early this AM.

I got everything painted before I looked here. Good thing I remembered from 10 years ago the issue with painting the starter area. <.< >.> <.<

On other topics, what's the best way to strip the paint off the rear plate, like maybe in the starter area? ;) haha!

At least I spent the time installing the plates and timing cover to get everything the Way they should be done!

J DeRienzo

The side covers are wrong. The one with the pipe should be at the front and turned 180 degrees so that the J pipe can be installed. Much easier with the engine on the bench
dominic clancy

You're absolutely correct, Dominic. This is just a paint config. The previous painting didn't get the underside of that tappet cover so I flipped it upside down and arbitrarily put them in this configuration.

There is nothing cylinder head up bolted on this thing and the internals aren't even present. I was trying to get things painted so when the mechanicals are done I can just bolt in and go rather than go through this then.

I appreciate the discerning eye!
J DeRienzo

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