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MG MGA - Splash panels

I know I shouldnt really be thinking about this in mid summer when the weather is still (fairly) good but I really do need to take off the splash panels from under the wings and re paint them.
They are showing signs of rust and I suppose I should tackle the problem whilst the weather is reasonable.

What should I use to fix the surface rust and what paint would be best to use?

Colyn Firth

I'd glass bead blast them and then prime with a 2 part epoxy primer followed by a top coat of choice. Another consideration would be to also apply a coating of "chip-guard" or other similar defensive coating to minimize chips in the future.

Hi Colyn - just doing the exact same thing with mine - last did them when I got the car 7 years ago - now stripping and painting them again. Just a couple of coats of primer undercoat then several coats of hammerite gloss - then waxoyl the back.
Cam Cunningham

Splash panels probably have to endure the worst treatment of any other part of the car. I've used spray on stonechip as a moderate level of protection in smooth finish (or textured). Seems to be holding up a few years on. The paint finish is chipped but the stonechip skin is holding.
J H Cole

I am more along the lines that Brian advocates. Mine were done in 1997 and are still unblemished. I did the following:

Bead blast to bare metal, etch prime, 2-part high build prime, 2-part top coat (matching external colour).

Steve Gyles

Colyn, I didn't think the R word was allowed on this forum.
If there is a dark cloud anywhere in the sky, my car stays in the garage rather than risk the rain. But out of interest, how resiliant do you think our cars are to wet weather. If we very occassionally get caught out in the odd storm, would that still promote the "R" monster? And does waxoyl, etc stop all problem?
Graham M V

I use my car in all weathers -(Except when there is salt on the Roads) I enjoy a good drive in winter conditions and if it rains I make sure the car is leathered down well when in the Garage That is one advantage of the coupe in the winter its very snug inside the car!. I have liberally sprayed all areas under the car with Waxoil and inside the chassis frames as well - Waxoil Black under the wings etc- . I can honestly say that after two years and nearly 10000 miles I have not noticed any deterioration in any of the panels or areas where rust could start. The more I use the car the less problems seem to Occur !!!
P D Camp

My apologies for using the "R" word Graham but I thought it would be far less offensive than if I had used the "F" word!!

You know the one, "Ferrous" Oxide! Oops sorry! It just slipped out, couldnt help it.

I must be developing the MG version of terrets syndrome.

It looks like I am going to have to beg, steal, borrow or even "BUY" a spray gun. Oops there I go again, I used the "B" word, Sorry.

I must admit that I was thinking of hand painting the splash panels but I somehow think it just wouldnt look right.


Colyn Firth


You could get away with a hand job if you cover it in oil. Or should I say underseal?

Steve Gyles

Colyn, I'm sure your splash panels would look just fine hand-painted if you can get some paint that's fairly close to the rest of the body colour. I once brush painted a whole MG midget with synthetic enamel and got a lovely smooth finish, and used about half the paint I would have used if I had sprayed it. Whose going to stick their head under your wheel arch to examine the finish on your splash panels?
Lindsay Sampford

We have a product here in teh US called POR-15 that is available in limited colors. It claims to stop r... dead in its tracks and can be used as an undercoat. I have used it on items like the generator, starter that get a lot of water splash and it seems to be holding up well. I plan to use it on the splash guards next.
G W White

I've stone-chipped/"shultzed" mine and then painted over it. It's not original, and bit bumpy, but protects the splash plates from stones really well.
good luck,
Grant :-)
G Hudson

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