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MG MGA - Spring locations?

Well, the disasssembly of my '60 is progressing well. Rust and rot in the expected areas, but the body and frame each separated in one piece. I do have a couple of questions however. --

I have two springs that I don't know the correct attachment points.

First, the spring in the center of the long bonnet release bar. It's not listed in the Moss catalog, but the Brown and Gammons catalog lists it as the "anti-rattle" spring. The spring was attached to the rod but the other end was free. I suspect that it was asttached in some manner to the back of one of the fender bolts that I had previously removed. I just don't know which one.

Second, the throttle return spring. On my car, the end of the spring was attached to a stiff wire welded to the body and bent upward under the carbs. It the correct configuration?

Thanks again to all the helpful experts on the board.


F. J. Bruns

The spring for the bonnet release bar is attached to the second fender bolt, basically behind the front carb. The throttle return spring is hooks to a bracket about 4in long that is attached to the bottom bolt of the rear carb. Strangely enough I can't find it in the Moss cat.
Hope this helps
Kris Sorensen

Kris -- Thanks, with your direction, I was able to find it in the Moss catalog. It's on the "air filter / manifold page. I can see why the PO used the stiff wire -- the price for the bracket in the 2007 catalog was $26.00 (My newer catalog is out in the workshop.)

I assume the anti-rattle spring pulled away from the cockpit? Was there a clip or something under the nut on the fender bolt for the spring to attach?

F. J. Bruns

Yes that's it, I missed it. The end of the anti-rattle spring is just looped over the bolt with nothing to secure it. I guess the tension on the spring and the threads of the bolt hold it in place.
Kris Sorensen

I got the throttle spring bracket from Scarborough Faire last week for $23.75. It is black powder coated. You could cut one out of 1/8" thick steel.
My anti-rattle spring fixes to the rod with a sliding pear shaped washer, and then forward to the body into a small hole just above, and to the left, of the air pipe tube in the radiator mounting panel.
P. Tilbury

Frank, throttle spring bracket (part #AHH5339) is 9.05 including tax ($14.75) from MGOC in the UK. Might be worth considering if the postage etc. is reasonable.
Lindsay Sampford

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