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MG MGA - steering rack

Hi all,
The front springs are installed.Like someone suggested, I added a few sacks of buildingsand to add some load to the front of the chassis and then everything went OK. Thanks.
Next questions.
-I could not find any torque settings for the bolts that secure the front hubs.Any advice?
-On the mounting points for the steering rack there are three shims on one side(passenger side/engine side)on the other side I found the remnants from another rivet.I think the shims on that side got lost during sandblasting.Otherwise there would be no rivet I suppose.
Can anyone give me some advice on how to determine the thickness of the shims I need on the other side?
When I put the rack on his place there is a gap between the mounting point where the rivets are missing and the food of the rack.Is it OK if I simply fill the gap with shims so that the rack is supported on the four sides or do I have to consider other things like the position of the pinion shaft.


PS:sorry for my English.
H. Jorens

Rack needs to be supported firmly on all four mounting points. Input end of the pinion shaft should align fairly close to the forward end of the steering column so the U-joint can be assembled without stressing the column lower mounting bracket and without preloading the column lower bushing.
Barney Gaylord

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